Merry Merry Christmas and Happy Happy New Year to all of you!


I am held hostage in the hands of weirdos.
My kidnappers are not my enemies; surely, they are not my friends either.
For twenty plus years I am asking myself.
Who are these peoples?
Do you know who they are?
Does anyone know about them?
Or does anyone want to know about them?
Who are they and what do they do?

Well, they rape the kids, not the adults! They rape the kids to hurt them. They selected the kids to rape them. Not for their sexual need, but to hurt them. They are wealthy, but not healthy. Raping the kids, but not adults, are one of their occupations that is why they are weirdos.

They hold me as a hostage to cover-up their crimes. They called themselves ‘Justitie van Nederland’. This means that they are in charge of the justice system in Holland, and of course, the royalties protect them. They are very wealthy but not healthy though. They are very powerful with the protection of royalty and in control of the legal system in Holland.

Does it sound familiar to you?

They have to hold me as a hostage because that is what Turkey wants. The leader of the justice in Holland was Joris Demmink, whose legacy is still running in the justice system. He is a weirdo idiota with royalty protection. Together with his weirdo accomplices, they raped the kids in Turkey and elsewhere in Europe.


Of course, Turkey is not going to let it go away. Of course, they recorded it all and they will make use of it. They are very good in entrapping the people as first and then blackmailing them for their benefit. That is Turkey! And they said so…. ‘’You Mr. Holland have to lock up Kurd Baybasin, and then we as Turkey will lock up Joris Demmink’s files’’.

They raped the kids in Turkey and someone must pay the price. Baybasin is THE enemy of Turkey and the deal is to get ‘justice’ done to him. This is the way the justice system works in Holland and in Turkey.

Baybasin is a Kurd. And Kurds are stateless and powerless, so Baybasin will go to prison and kept silence. Then Turkey will be very happy! Demmink will be happy! His criminal accomplices will feel safe and happy! Royalties in Holland will be very happy as always. So this is the way justice is working in Holland and Turkey.

What does ‘justice’ do?

Of course, it makes weirdos happy, that is all!

And then 200 years later – one of the weirdos in Holland will say, ‘’oooo noo that was horrible what we have done to Kurd Baybasin’’. You see – the system is working. Turkey will not even say thát. In Holland this is called ‘justice’ – if it is going to be acknowledged 200 years later, so what … here is Holland. How great are we?

This system must depend on police officers, prosecutors, so-called fake experts and judges, and of course, they all will be by their masters selected weirdos. Of course, there are also honest and honourable lawyers and experts in Holland, but the system of weirdos knows how to neutralize and abuse them

There have to be highly qualified lawyers with zero moralities and low-level experts like Bas van der Heuvel and Mr. Broeders from Dutch Forensic Institute.

Their job is to protect the powerful weirdos and they are paid for that. If they have to lie in their judgment or in their expert reports, so why not?

There are not any consequences for their lies and wrong judgments in Holland. They are not in need of moral or integrity. Morality or honesty is not their value. Their value is money, power and to rape the kids to satisfy their ego.

You can have a legitimate question and ask what about the media and the parliament in the Dutch state – and you will be right to ask so. There are highly qualified media and parliament members in Holland. But they have to wait for 200 years – that is the order from the royalty. They are not allowed to act until then.

You may ask again a legitimate question – what about the European Court of Human Right and what about the European Parliament and all those powerful civil right organizations in and around the world? You could also ask what about the UN? Well, they are all very busy with Mr Erdogan of Turkey – the new caliph of weirdos. He needs lots of money to continue to organize ISIS kind of terrorist organizations, as he believes that he will go to heaven in doing so. I tell you, you better find money and give it to him, otherwise, he will bring out more files like the Demmink files. He knows how to use them – it makes us all dependent of weirdos.

Kurd Baybasin stays in prison in Holland – and everybody is happy in Holland. So what if he is innocent? ‘’Begrijp je?’’ (you understand).

Merry Merry Christmas and Happy Happy New Year to all of you!

You may wonder what I am going to do at Christmas? I am planning to go to Cambodia to watch Annemarie Prinse theatre show – to support Annemary for her show to teach Cambodia’s people how they should live together in peace since in Holland everything is ‘’just fine’’. That is why you all should be happy for me and for my Christmas activities.

Slav u rêz,

Hüseyin Baybasin

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