Turkey must end its occupation in Kurdistan then Turkey will be safe


The attack on the Kurdish city and civilians is another barbaric move by the fascist and barbaric state of Turkey. I condemn it and call every Kurdish civil right organisation, lawyers, and honourable individuals to act against fascist state of Turkeys’ aggression. The Kurdish nation must use all the legal means to act now. There are legal possibilities to bring this barbaric and unlawful attack to the United Nations and other international courts. This has to be done first. Besides, the Kurds have no other choice than to be united and establish the United State of Kurdistan.

Imposing systematic genocide on Kurdish nations and distractions in Kurdistan is not going to make Turkey any safer. Turkey must end its occupation in Kurdistan then Turkey will be safe. The attack on Afrin of Rojava Kurdistan is not about the safety of Turkey; it is about ISIS, AL Qaida, El Nusra, and other similar Islamist terrorist organisations where they were removed from Aleppo. Now, the same groups are forced by the Russian and Syrian regime to be removed from Idlib. Mr Erdogan is taking this action to open the way for those terrorist groups’ safety. This is the reason for the attack on Afrin.

I am very disturbed that the world powers and the United Nations are not reacting against the ugly aggression of Turks towards the Kurds. The Kurds were the one who sacrificed their bodies and blood to rescue the world from those terrorists groups as ISIS. Now the Kurds are left alone. This is shame for the world powers and the United Nations.

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